Breaking Barriers: Making Cybersecurity Accessible to Everyone

Cat Contillo
2 min readMar 21, 2024
A light orange image of a person in a wheelchair logo on top of a black and gray background filled with geometric shapes and lines like the inside of a computer.

When I was a SOC analyst in a virtual Security Operations Center, working in the Cybersecurity industry. I realized how vital it is to make cybersecurity accessible to everyone. By making cybersecurity accessible for all, including disabled individuals, is made up of critical, ongoing actions to ensure inclusivity and success within the cybersecurity industry. May you be wondering, how can we make accessibility in cybersecurity happen?

1. Accessible Tools and Products: Cybersecurity tools and products should be designed with accessibility features from the beginning, but as we know accessibility is typically last thought of or just something someone points out. Either way, we need tools and products that have options incorporated inside of them so that they cater to disabled individuals.

2. Accessible Training and Education: Training and educational resources in cybersecurity should be made accessible to disabled individuals. Personally, I had gone through numerous training and education options that failed on accessibility. This ultimately failed me as a student in these programs, paying money I didn’t have to try to learn a skill I had the desire to learn.

3. Inclusive Work Environments: Cybersecurity organizations need to strive to create inclusive work environments where disabled individuals feel welcome, supported, included and that they belong. This could be without an extensive “accommodation” request the ability to provide what it needed to make work accessible to whatever that may be for that person.

4. Accessible Processes and Procedures: Cybersecurity processes and procedures should be designed with accessibility in mind to ensure that disabled individuals can effectively participate in security activities. It is vital to folks in your companies to have options for alternative methods and ensuring that there are other ways to communicate in accessible formats.

Let’s aim to make cybersecurity accessible for all individuals, including those with disabilities, as it’s essential for creating a more inclusive and successful industry.



Cat Contillo

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